Fantastic experience

In March through Sailum I contacted Dick, the owner of Sara-M and we decided to exchange boats.

Dick came to Italy in July and was able to sail in northen Croatia from Trieste. I went to Holland together with my friends during mid-August and had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Zeeland region.

The gulf of Trieste - Adriatic Sea - is quite different from the Oosterschelde along the Dutch coast and the North Sea. But really nice to explore new waters unknown to us. A great opportunity to experience different circumstances.

Dick and his partner Caroline are experienced sailors. During the "test drive" we made the first day here in Trieste, I immediately noticed how they immediately gained confidence with my boat, leading it with expertise and skill. Afterwards it was a pleasure to "guide" them day by day around Croatia by mail or whatsapp, suggesting them the best anchorages, bays, islands, villages and ... restaurants.  At the end of the holiday, Dick and Caroline returned me the boat in clean and perfect condition.

After less than a week we were flying to Holland for our vacation.
Dick and Caroline gave us their boat, not before warning us about all the peculiarities that distinguish the northern seas, such as tides, locks and currents.

Sara-M is a  safe and comfortable boat and we did not have any problems either to share spaces or navigating.

We visited the Zeeland region, with its beautiful villages, canals, and sea, protected by the famous dams that the Dutch people built to prevent floods.  Also in this case Dick suggested us the best places to go to. I loved very much the nature, animals ( we have seen the seals! ) and appreciated the organization of the locks, swing bridges, and marinas. The navigation is  safe and pleasant, only pay close attention to the shallows areas.

In conclusion, a magnificent experience, because returning home brought not only a great sailing holiday in a different world,  but above all a fantastic and true friendship .

Thank you Dick, thank you Holland !