Nice Boat Swap

I swapped with Russ on his August Moon and I loved it. The location is great. And the welcome committee was very helpful, so we felt confortable with the boat right away. We spent our cruising time in the Gulf Islands nearby. It proved to be the perfect trip, and the area is very pleasant to visit. Even the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island (Brentwood Bay) can be accessed by dinguy. For those who like to anchor out, it's the perfect place.

Russ and his ladyfriend Loell reciprocated three months later, and it was a pleasure to welcome them on my sailing ground : the Algarve. They travelled the coast up to Lagos, visiting along the way for two weeks. They thouroughly enjoyed it and left the boat spotless. All along their stay aboard Seawitch, we stayed in touch so I could give suggestions as they went.
They thought the Algarve was quite exotic, coming from British Columbia, almost half-way around the world. 
So this swap went really well, and we are now good mates.