Hi sailors and swappers,

This past October we did a swap in Portugal. We cruised the Algrave for two weeks. Met many boaters and had a great time. It was hot and not a lot of wind. We visited most of the towns and immersed ourselves in the culture. In my mind a boat swap is the best way to travel as there are no long passages it is inexpensive and you get to do your favourite sport. Sailing and visiting new places. I have done two swaps now and both were successful for all parties.They have actually been the highlights of my life. If your boat is available and you can let a stranger take it out, then consider swapping. Our expenses were less than 3000 euros for a 3 week holidayincluding airfare from Canada. We are not getting any younger so now throw off the shackles and try swapping.


  • We had a fantastic swap in Sept 2018. We sailed the Algrave in Portugal. It was a great way to see the coast and small towns. We met other sailors in the marinas and we had a holiday we will all remember for a long time.